Socializing can be quite hard when you are on a plant-based diet or just trying to eat healthy. What I suggest is choosing the restaurant or café yourself so that you can enjoy your meal, and in the mean time, your friend can experience real food that tastes amazing. Win-win as they say!

If you find yourself in Paris, you’re quite lucky because healthy lunch places are popping everywhere, especially in the 3rd, 9th, 10th and 11th arrondissements. I’m pretty sure you’ll always find a nice option wandering around these streets. Let me just point out one of my spots of choice though: Wild & the Moon.

First, the decor

Wild & the Moon is one of these trendy places where you are surrounded by greenery. Plants are everywhere, even above your head! Every time I go, I’m hoping there’s going to be a spot at the back, where there’s a glass ceiling with lots of natural light popping in, and of course, plants. That makes it a very nice place to eat, have a smoothie and/or work.

But most importantly, the food

You can’t go wrong as everything is organic, dairy-free, seasonal, and I’m pretty sure everything is plant-based as well, which means you can choose without asking the waiter if the dish you’d like contains gluten or dairy or anything you wouldn’t want to eat (and appear as the annoying person on a diet, who you really aren’t!).

Then you’ve got to decide between the soup of the day, the dish of the day, or a variety of salads. On this day I tried the dish of the day, which was a delicious curry.


But what I really go to Wild & the Moon for are the smoothies and cold-pressed juices. Let me tell you they’re on point! They’ve got fresh fruits and superfood powders, perfectly dosed. On the picture below are two of my faves:

  • Blue Moon (the pink one) with blueberries and kale for antioxydants, banana for magnesium, maca powder for energy boost, coco butter for good fats, almond milk for vitamin B & E and calcium, and maple syrup for a natural sweet taste.
  • Smooth Green (needless to say: the green one) with kale, banana, apples, hemp seeds, vanilla, lemon, spirulina and coco water to get yourself filed with all the goods: lots of vitamins, fibers, protein and energy.


I also love their variety of cold-pressed juices in that nice display unit: bright yellow turmeric shots, charcoal mixes called Black Gold, Hangover Cure, The Tiger, Simply Green, Hazel Heaven, Coffee Shake, Black Lemonade, Liquid Vitality, Matcha Milk, Vanilla Milk, Aqua Fresca, but also simple lemon water and coconut water. So hard to choose!

But whatever you choose, it’ll be very tasty. I also love their matcha latte and golden milk.


I must say everything is quite expensive though (€9 for a smoothie!), but that’s a nice and healthy thing to treat yourself with from time to time!

Wild & the Moon – 55 rue Charlot, 75003 Paris