Why we should all eat healthy

A thought stroke me on my birthday, which I talked about straight away on my Instagram post this very day. It was related to how grateful I am to be born healthy and still be so. As thankful as I am to be in good health, I am deeply convinced that, though we do not choose our original features and genes, we actually have the power to transform our health throughout our lives. This has something to do with me believing that not everything is determined by our genes and that the environment does a lot. Therefore, I truly think our decisions and lifestyle have an impact on our health. And of course food is the first thing that influences us, as our bodies are literally made out of what we eat. Today, I thought I’d share with you the reasons why I eat healthy, which also are the reasons why I think we all should eat healthy.

We all have different health conditions : some of us are lucky to be born with perfect health, others struggle with health issues from the day they were born, and others will struggle with some health issues at some point in their lives. Either way, food can help, either by maintaining our bodies in good health, or helping to heal it.

Food to stay healthy

The first thing I learnt at CNM – College of Naturopathic Medicine, where I’m doing a 3-year course on naturopathic nutrition – is the concept of homeostasis. More than a concept, it is a reality ruling our metabolism. To put in in a nutshell, it is a control system that always tries to keep our features within tight limits: temperature, glycemic index, blood pressure, acidity of tissues, blood calcium and so many other variables. The truth is that, by choosing to eat certain foods, you can either work with your body, or harm it without even knowing about it. For example, if all we eat is sugar (in form of sweets, white bread, white pasta, industrial sauces and treats…), we are giving our bodies a hard time to keep our sugar levels steady in the blood. Indeed, when you eat sugar, it goes into your blood, thus increasing your blood sugar level. Your pancreas will therefore secrete insuline, a hormone which will take your blood sugar levels back to normal and stocking the sugar somewhere else in the body. If you don’t stop eating sugar, your pancreas will become so tired that it won’t be able to function anymore. You’ll then be more likely to have diabetes for instance. And I’m afraid the only person it will be fair to blame is you. This is just an example but the same thing can apply to all variables that your body tries to keep constant.

The fact that you’re the only one to blame in such situation is actually good news, as it means that we do have an impact through food and that we can help our bodies work. Eating healthy is not just a trend or an instagram hashtag. It really is a matter of life and death, as, as we just saw, it not only helps your body be healthy on a daily basis, but it also prevents diseases on the long run. Let’s take another example: acidity. Our bodies hate acidity. As a matter of fact, its ‘normal’ condition is to have a slightly alkaline pH (around 7.365). If you only eat acidic food during an extended period of time, your body won’t be able to cope with that amount of acidity and your body will become acidic. However, acid tissues are the perfect environment for growing cancer cells, which means that on the long run, you’ll be more likely to develop cancer.

Food to heal

So what about when you’re sick? Well there is hope because food can help and act as a whole or as a complement to your treatment, contributing to create an environment prone to healing. Take cancer for example. Cancer develops in acidic tissue and eats sugar (cancer cells have 19 times more glucose receptors than healthy cells!). Indeed, one of the tests doctors do to diagnose cancer is to make you eat or drink something with radioactive sugar so that, once in your body, they can track it and see where it goes. They can diagnose cancer when this sugar goes straight in one particular place, which is cancer cell hubs. So, one simple thing to prevent your cancer from growing would be to eat no sugar, and eat as alkaline as possible, while eating lots of non-sugary and good fats to prevent your body from weakening. That’s what Kris Carr – who I told about here – did and she now lives whereas she was diagnosed with incurable cancer.

In this post I’m talking about food because that’s what I am truly passionate about the most, but it really is a matter of lifestyle as a whole: your health and well-being depends on what and how you eat, on how much and how well you sleep, on your stress levels, your relationship state, your posture… Let’s take stress for example. A few lines ago I just spoke about how eating acidic food could be harmful. Well, stress does the same to you as it creates acidity in you body. That’s why everyone is talking about yoga, meditation and finding general balance in your life. Again: that’s not just a trend. That’s actually paramount to our survival.

Here, I am writing about a few facts and examples but the subject is so wide that I encourage you to do your own research. However, I hope I made you see how serious the matter of eating healthy is, and that we can really make a difference on our physical state. What they say is true: we actually are what we eat. So it’s time to take action and take hold of your health!