Why I buy organic

Organic labels are subject to so many doubts and suspicion. Some are legitimate, and others not quite justified. It’s all about making your own research and choosing a way to eat and to live, but let me just tell you why I buy organic, who knows, maybe that might help!

The first thing that drew me to buying organic products was my health. I just thought: why putting pesticides into my body when I have the possibility to eat ‘clean’ products, or at least ‘less dirty’? if I may say so. Nowadays, we often take health for granted and we rely on medication and hospitals, but I truly think our health is first and foremost our very own responsibility. What we eat actually has an impact on our body’s well-being and well-functioning, as our cells are fed by the food we eat. Why on earth wouldn’t we take care of it? What they say is true: ‘we are what we eat’: our skin is made out of the minerals and other components of what we ate a few days ago, our blood is filled with the vitamins sugar and fats we ate at dinner time a few minutes ago… and all of this is the fuel to our body. That’s how I began to switch from ‘ordinary’ grocery shops to organic food shops.

Doing my own research, I not only learnt about pesticides and hormones added to what I was buying, but I also learnt how much harm basic products I used to eat like sugar, dairy or gluten were doing to my body. I then decided to quit all of those nasties. Some people often say to me that I was depriving myself, but it was surprisingly quite ease, because when I realized I was harming myself, I just couldn’t do it anymore! I must say that the fact that my mother was learning all of this at the same time as I did helped a lot. We both changed not only how we food shopped, but also our entire diet.

In fact, I wasn’t just buying the organic version of what I used to buy. I was buying organic, but completely different things, and that’s how I didn’t break the bank when I went food shopping. I know how expensive health food shops can be. It is so tempting to buy these healthy cookies with great packaging or these goji berries that come from another continent. But I actually found myself happy buying a lot of fresh, local and seasonal fruits and veggies, and also nuts, seeds and cereals, raw and in bulk. These are my two tips to eat organic on a budget! I hardly ever buy expensive products like meat (just for my boyfriend really) or fish, which I just buy from time to time. And believe me, that saves a lot of money!

As years went buy, I also learnt about cooking differently, and I became passionate about it. I then began to buy some more expensive things such as coconut sugar, superfood powders, maple syrup… I dont splurge on designer bags or fancy fashion items. That’s just not my thing. However, my thing is to test recipes, and eat a lot of delicious food. That’s what I choose to prioritize when budgeting, and I couldn’t be happier with it. Plus, it is very satisfying to think I am supporting organic and reasonable agriculture.

Now you know the reasons why I changed my food shopping habits, I hope it was helpful!