… or anytime of the year really!

So, how to nail Christmas for a healthy freak basically? It can be quite hard to get them what they dream of when you’re not into it yourself. So let me help you, telling you what I would love to receive, and what I think others might like too.

1 – Cookbooks or books on nutrition

There are tons of healthy cookbooks on the market nowadays. So, it can be hard to choose one. If you know the person you’re buying the gift for quite well, you may know who their ‘mentor’ or favorite blogger is. Let me tell you there’s 80% chance they wrote a cookbook, or a book on how to eat and live better. Here are some that are on my whishlist: Deliciously Ella’s brand new cookbook which will be out on January 26th – you can pre-order it and get a personalized card -; Madeleine Shaw’s latest cookbook, which I haven’t got yet, or the one she’s writing right now and is available for pre-order; Greek Kitchen Stories books (they wrote quite a few); Hemsley & Hemsley’s The Art of Living Well; Eat Pretty Everyday by Jolene Hart… They all are quite on trend so just wonder around the healthy cookbooks in your local bookshop, and they’ll all be there.

2 – Nice crockery/tableware

If your loved one loves to cook, there’s a high chance they’ll enjoy nice plates, mugs, spoons, forks, knives, glasses and so on. Especially if he or she is a food instagram geek because this kind of people always need new plates to have a diverse feed. I personally love Anthropology, an American brand making very colorful and cute crockery.

3 – Kitchen tools

How long had I been wanting to make this recipe or that one and just couldn’t because I hadn’t a food processor? Years! Food processors can be quite expensive, but it is for sure the best investment I ever made… well my parents ever made for myself, because it was a gift. And what a gift! I use it nearly every day to make all sorts of delicious things: hummus, falafels, soups, smoothies, nicecream, or even to make my life easy with grating carrots! Trust me, it is such a life changing tool! Make sure to choose a high quality food processor: it won’t break when smashing hard things such as nuts, and it’ll last for ever. Alongside food processors are a long list of other food essentials I personally would love to receive: a spirulizer to make these courgette spaghetti everybody raves about on YouTube and Instagram, an upgraded peeler, nice quality kitchen knives… you’ve got plenty of things to choose from!

4 – Food

If your friend is quite a healthy freak like me, he/she may spend her all wage on food! I know I would LOVE to receive expensive organic products like nice quality honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, high quality dark chocolate, or olive oil for instance. These are some products that we, healthy food enthusiasts on a low budget, often deprive ourselves of, just because they are crazy expensive. I then think it would be a very nice and thoughtful gift.

5 – Organic beauty products

There’s a high chance that if your friend pays attention to what he/she eats for nutrition reasons, they at least start to think about what they’ll putting on their faces and bodies. Standard shampoos, conditioners, soaps, moisturizing creams and else are full of nasties that harm your health and our planet. So start browsing around the beauty department of your health food store or look into niche organic/natural beauty brands. For high street lovers, I personally really enjoy using Melvita and Cattier products for skincare, and UNE Beauty make up. For higher budgets, I advise Korres, a Greek natural skincare and make up brand, Aesop, an Australian skin care brand, or Tata Harper, which I’ve had my eyes on for a long time, and one day I’ll treat myself to one of their products. It’ll make a very special gift for sure!