I don’t know about you, but the What I Eat In A Day videos are the ones I enjoy watching the most. I guess it must have something to do with my food obsession! And then I thought why not make my own contribution to this trend? So here you go: my first What I Eat In A Day which I would love to turn into a series.

First things first: breakfast! My favorite meal of the day which is also the time I get for myself, my “me-time” I guess – although I hate this phrase. I just love eating first thing in the morning in the dark with absolutely no music or sound whatsoever, and, most importantly, taking my time (it takes me about 45 minutes!). My all-time favorite and go-to breakfast is of course porridge. I usually heat oats up in a pan with plant-based milk (rice or oat milk), a little hot water, chia seeds, turmeric, cinnamon and half a banana. But today I ran out of milk and I made what I call a ‘cold’ porridge mixing oats, apple purée, a banana and coconut flakes and eat it raw and cold. I absolutely love this breakfast. Oh and I had it with tea of course, either green or white, with a teaspoon of honey. I eat quite a big portion to fill me up until lunchtime without needing any snack.


And then comes lunch time. When I worked in an office, I always made my lunch-boxes. I used to meal prep on Sundays for the next 2 or 3 days, and meal prep again in the middle of the week for the 2 or 3 days that I had left (but that’s a subject for a whole other blogpost!). Now that I work from home, I usually do something quick and easy which often involves leftovers. I’m used to make dinner for 3 or 4 instead of 2 the night before, and I have something delicious in the fridge ready for me to munch on at lunch time. Or it often happens that I make things in batches, such as soups, as it’s the season for this warm, comforting and easy meal. I store it in a glass jar, grab it when I want to eat some, heat it to a boil, and I’m good to go!

That’s what I did today: I grabbed for my leftover cauliflower soup and it was ready in 5 minutes (even less!). I ate it with quinoa crackers and lamb’s lettuce, and then I had an apple, a pear, and a few handfuls of almonds (I can’t stop eating them once I start!). And because I’m addicted to drinking hot water, and try to increase my water intake, I also have herbal tea to finish off my lunch.


Finally, for dinner I cooked something for my boyfriend and I. This time I made a frittata (which is basically an omelet cooked in the oven) with onions, garlic, leeks, sun-dried tomatoes and feta cheese with the same salad I had for lunch, and then apple and almonds again for dessert.

And of course I finished the day with herbal tea. I love Yogi Tea’s night time one, or the dandelion one my Mom does herself. Drinking a big mug of herbal tea is not only delicious, but it also keeps me hydrated, and prevents me from eating chocolate ore even more nuts!


I hope this first What I Eat In A Day post gave you some inspiration. I’d love to know what you’ve been eating on the day you read this!