Paris’s healthy lunch spots are literally booming right now, but it can be hard to find real gems, as a lot of these places are not all organic, or too expensive for what it is, or not yummy enough… So when I find a place I really love, I have to share it on the blog of course!

Welcome Bio Cuisine, which is located rue du Boulle next to Bastille, has a really great and responsible concept: everyday, the team goes grocery shopping at the health food store right across the street – Welcome Bio Biocoop – and makes out a recipe out of the ingredients they pick up. Therefore, you have everything different every single day. Some might say the downside is that you have no choice. Indeed, you only have one bowl and one dessert of the day so you better like it or go elsewhere. I personally think that’s amazing: there is variety everyday and zero waste. Plus, every time I went, the bowl was really good, especially the one with stuffed cabbage, cashews and cooked leeks (photo above). They also offer a herbal tea of the day, and the one I had (with ginger, lemon and honey) was delicious! Another nice thing about Welcome Bio Cuisine is that the lovely girls are making the food right next to you, in a little corner that serves as a kitchen. This makes the space really welcoming and friendly. The only downside for me is the price point: €15 for a bowl is not cheap, but I guess it’s the price to pay for good quality and fresh organic products made right in front of you.

If you ever happen to eat there, you should also go to the health food store across the street – Welcome Bio Biocoop – to get some organic goods, and to the nice little shop they’ve got at the corner of the street – Welcome Bio Bazar – to get some cute and eco-friendly things for your home or your loved ones.


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