When I heard the word “organic pub”, I didn’t know what to expect. Indeed, my idea of a “pub” doesn’t match with what I picture as my typical healthy food heaven so I was a bit reluctant to go. But now that I have tested it, it’s one of my favourite places to eat in London, I bloody love it!

“Organic pub” is indeed the right way to describe The Duke of Cambridge. Located in Angel (central London), the facade looks like a typical pub with tables outside and everything. But the first thing I noticed when entering was the decor: it’s not masculine at all, indeed it’s quite modern, with a lot of character and things that reminded me of a typical pub: wood, big tables, a bar, lots of bottles of wine, the menu written on a chalk board… The place is really big and roomy so that anyone can instantly feel comfortable and welcome. In a nutshell: pubby-style but modern and instagrammable at the same time (well done!).

The second thing that pleased me is that The Duke of Cambridge teamed up with Riverford, the well-know family-run organic farm. Therefore they cook with their organic & seasonal veggies grown not very far from London and that’s amazing!

Regarding the menu, the great thing is that there is something for everyone: me and my friend went for the plant based options but there is also fish and meat. Which means next time, when I go with my boyfriend, he will be really happy because it’s nothing like a typical veggie/vegan girly small deli that could be frightening to guys that are not used to them.

My friend chose a green salad with both cooked & raw veggies, which looked and tasted SO good; and I chose the gaspacho, then the roared peppers on warm hummus – the dream! The second time I went with my parents, we had the mackerel with lots of roasted veggies, the starter plate with raw veggies & dips, and the courgette fritters & risotto – again, SO good! Sometimes when you go to healthy/veggie restaurants, you can be a bit disappointed to pay when you’re eating something you could easily make at home – I’m not saying it’s the case for every healthy spot! Well, let me tell you that at The Duke of Cambridge, you’re eating something different and it’s another experience! Moreover, the menu changes seasonally so you’ll always have something to try out, even if you’re a regular customer.

One last thing: the service is on top! The people there are so friendly and they let you eat without any pressure! Which I appreciate a lot!

You guessed it, I couldn’t recommend going there enough! Let me know your thoughts if you tried it 🙂

Riverford at The Duke of Cambridge

30 Saint Peter’s Street

London N1 (Islington)