Revolutionising your life with yoga

Let me tell you the story of my life before practicing yoga. I was stressed about every single thing: about work, personal goals, being the best at everything, food shopping, meal planning, scheduling, and the list goes on. That’s a good thing to set yourself goals and having some discipline for certain parts of your daily life. However, in my case, the stress it caused became harmful, to the point it was damaging my gut, my skin, my mood, my sleep… and even my relationships with my loved ones.

I had been hearing about yoga for long, about how it could make you a much more zen and relaxed person etc. But in my head, that was something a bit weird for hippies, and I thought I couldn’t even find time to exercise in my busy life, so how on earth would I find the time to get myself into this weird hobby?! How would I find the money to sign up to a class, and how would I choose between this one or that one?

Until I discovered yoga on YouTube. No need for an expensive subscription to a class, a fancy mat or nice work out gear. Just a mere mat and a computer or phone. Plus no one can stare at your weird and clumsy way of doing the tree pose. I fully got into it with Adriene, a lovely yogi from Austin, Texas, making yoga videos on her YouTube channel. There are videos for everybody: beginners or advanced yogis, yoga to get energized or to go to sleep, yoga when you have back pains or when you’re sour, sweaty yoga or simple stretches… just choose what you feel like today and “find what feels good”!

Once you get on the mat and start following Adriene’s instructions with good will, it works like magic. The power of the breath is outstanding and I finish each and every session yawning and smiling, even after the worst day!

Why not jumping into it right at the beginning of 2017? That’s all the more easy because you won’t even be choosing what video to practice: Adriene has a series of 31 days of yoga beginning on January 1st. Just subscribe to it (it’s free!) and you’ll get your daily dose of yoga. It could change your life (there’s a reason why she calls the series Revolution!) and allow doing yourself some good. We’re too often harsh on our bodies – leaning on our computers, not getting enough sleep, eating and drinking bad stuff – and it works so hard to recover from all this. What about we help it work for once? I’m pretty sure you won’t regret this, as you’ll instantly notice a change on your mood and general feeling.