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Today is a good day. Because today is the day I finally don’t hide anymore.

I’ve created my blog about 9 months ago and I’ve been kind of hiding it all this time. At first, I only told my mum and my sister, and then a few friends. The day I put the link on my Instagram bio was so hard for me because I was suggesting the world to go see what I was rambling about on there.

Even worse: I waited about 2 years before creating my blog. I guess I was scared of what people would think of me, of talking about things that nobody would care about, etc., etc. Even getting public with my Instagram account was a big ordeal for me!

So each step (creating my blog, talking about it, put it on social media and so on) was quite difficult for me. But today is different: I’m finally confident with me publicly speaking to the world about my stuff. My stuff being nutrition, healthy recipes, balanced lifestyle and health in general.

Today I got to the stage that I find it even therapeutic to publicly share my content in the light, because it makes my dreams so much more vivid and possible. There’s something about telling the world that makes them more likely to come true one day.

That’s also why I decided to change my blog name and my social media names to Marion Nutrition. People can now link my social media with my website. Moreover, the name makes what I do quite obvious. And finally, it rhymes, and that’s quite satisfying 🙂

So here I am with a new name, a new logo and a new mindset that will remind me everyday that I can be proud of what I put out into the world and of myself.