Today I thought I’d give a shoutout to all he great Instagram people out there who give me so much inspiration. My Instagram feed is full of them, and especially full of food, wellness and health people. But I’ve got a few faves of course! I must say social media is often put down for having negative impacts on our lives, and I sure realized that myself; however, social media, for me, was most importantly something that opened me up to the world and to the endless possibilities we could have if we went for it. Social media kept me going and pushed me to get out and start producing my own content. So I feel like I must say thank you to a few people who inspired me all the way through.

Deliciously Ella: for being my first source of reliable information on another way of eating and for giving me so much inspiration in the kitchen

Madeleine Shaw: for being my second one! And also for the countless recipe ideas and positivity

Zanna Van Dijk: for fitness and life motivation

Goodness guru: for her healthy-relationship-with-food activism

Mimi & Alex Ikonn: for giving me the strength to take action and be responsible for my life

Plus all these lovely people for recipe inspo !

Noms By Naomi

Gina Nutrition

Eat Good Food and Move

Blueberry Smile


Go give them some love!