It has been weeks since I wanted to test this healthy café out, teased be influencers on Instagram of course. And I’m happy to say it was worth the wait!

First, let’s appreciate the fact that it is located in a no-man’s-land area in terms of healthy food places. The 1st arrondissement is mainly a touristy and work place and everything is quite expensive and not so good for you. It was then a good surprise to know there was something for me near Place Vendôme.

First, the place: the café is a long corridor, very white and bright, green and cute. The marble tables, the pastel green leafy prints ont he walls and the big arch on top of your head make you instantaneously feel welcome and at ease.


Second (and most importantly!), the menu. Let me tell you it is on point: you can choose between a variety of soups, dips, salads, focaccias and desserts. They also have a range of colorful and cold-pressed juices, as well as coconut water and plant-based milks. Everything is organic and vegan (yay!) so you actually have a choice. The fact that I can/want to eat everything without exception makes it actually hard to choose but hey, how on Earth could I complain? 🙂

The photos below are a selection of things I had the two times I went there: the soup of the day (made with nettle, kale, and other greens and seeds), a ‘Pepper Yum’ which is basically a pepper hummus with seed crackers, an ‘Avo Yum’ which is a super creamy avocado blend and a quinoa salad with raw veggies like spinach or radishes, seeds, half an avocado ant other good stuff.

I found everything really tasty, fresh and well seasoned. Maisie Café is definitely not one of those healthy places which are super trendy but that don’t serve food worth the price point. Here, the food is really delicious and reasonable in price – although bear in mind we’re in Paris and Paris is never cheap!




All in all, I’ll definitely come back again when I find myself in this area, as I’ll always know the food will be yummy and made with organic ingredients.

If I can give you a piece of advice: definitely come early though, because now people know about this place, it becomes crowded very quickly at lunch time, and considering the café is tiny, it can be a bit uncomfortable.

Maisie Café

32 rue du mont Thabor

75001 Paris

Their Website and Instagram