IMA is one of those places that sounded like my cup of tea: israeli/mediterranan and vegetarian food – just like my favourite restaurants ever: Yotam Ottolenghi’s and Sami Tamimi’s ones in London. Therefore I HAD to go to IMA in Paris to taste their version of my favourite food!

The restaurant is located on the Canal St Martin, this very hipster/boho and tranquil area (during the day at least). The place is beautiful, with tiles everywhere, and communal tables which give a nice welcoming feeling when you enter it.

Food-wise, it’s the dream: every time I go there, I go for the plate of the day, i.e. a mishmash of all the salads that they did this very day, with pita bread. Usually in the plate of salads, there are 3 or 4 ones and a big dollop of either hummus or baba ganoush in the middle so you can dip your bread or your mouthful in them… yum! But if you don’t feel a big plate of salad this day, or if you feel like a little something more, you can choose from a variety of little plates of typical israeli dishes, like the labneh that is on point! Even better, you can come for breakfast or brunch. Of course there’s shakshuka on the menu (that I have yet to try, but I’m sure I will be undecided between the red and the green one!) and also generous pancakes (see photo) – either sweet or savory – or granola.

What about the prices? Well, they are surprisingly ok for a hipster place! The ‘small’ plate of salads (which is big enough for you to be full, trust me), is €12.50 and the very, very generous pancakes are £10, same for the shakshukas. Finally, it’s worth mentioning the service is lovely!

You got it, I love this place which reminds me of Ottolenghi (although Ottolenghi remains the best by far, that’s always nice to have a reminder of this type of food that has a special place in my heart), and I highly recommend you check this place out!