The other day, I had some time to kill in the city before taking the Eurostar back to Paris, so of course I took this opportunity to try out some of the paces I have yet to check out on my “must go food places” list. The location of choice for this day was Ethos.

Ethos is a vegetarian restaurant located in the center of London, in the Oxford Circus area; not in the middle of the madness though – thank God – but in a street nearby.

First, the environment: the restaurant is very bright and clean, with a chic vibe to it (marble tables, big space, big sofas, etc.). The best part is the forest they have reconstituted in the middle of the tables. I had never seen such a thing and I bloody loved it!

Second, the food! The concept is rather original: you grab a plate and help yourself out, wandering around the buffet. There is so much to choose from! You’ve got a ‘cold’ counter with plenty of salads, dips and seasoning, a ‘hot’ counter with currys, bakes veggies and warming meals, and finally a dessert counter. I loved the variety! Plus I’m a fan of all these kind of dishes I’m familiar with. Indeed, the salads are similar – not to say identical – to the Ottolenghi ones, especially the broccoli and greens’ ones. And other dished like the chickpea and coconut curry reminded me of Deliciously Ella’s recipes. So I didn’t discover much in terms of food, as there was nothing new to me really, but that’s exactly the food I love so I was totally in my element!

The original bit – besides the decoration – was the way to pay for your food. You don’t have to think about the price of the things you’re getting as you’re putting them in your plate because everything is the same price. Once you’re plate is full, you go to the cashier and put in on a scale. So you pay by weight. How cool is that? And the coolest thing is that I was prepared to pay a ridiculous price for my plate – something like £20 maybe, we’re in London after all… – but I paid £10.70. What a great surprise! This made me enjoy my food even more 🙂

Miso aubergine, hummus, coconut & chickpea curry, green beans salad, mexican salad

In a few words: I loved this place because a) the type food is exactly my cup of tea, b) the place is so pleasant, and c) I loves the concept of paying by weight, especially when it’s affordable! I will definitely go back to Ethos!