For those French speakers out there who wouldn’t know about it already, I got you a Christmas present for the whole year to come. It’s free, it’s healthy, and no moderation needed there. Just subscribe to La Minute Papillon’s newsletter!


La Minute Papillon is a blog run by the founder of Café Pinson – you know, the lunch spot I can’t stop raving about –  where you’ll learn so much about healthy tips. You’ll get healthy, delicious and easy recipes with simple and seasonal ingredients, nutrition facts made incredibly understandable, a map with organic and healthy places to eat in Paris and everyday life advice and hacks to live a better life. Plus various events and workshops you can buy tickets to: yoga sessions, meditation (to prevent binge Christmas feast eating for example, could be useful…!), cooking classes and so much more fun things.

If, like me, you don’t always have the time to wander and scroll down every blog you like on the internet, you’ll  love the newsletter (twice a week) which doesn’t sell you anything (thank God), is always useful and reliable, and what I really appreciate is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously. And it’s super positive and bright, with nice little illustrations (by Anaëlle). As they say, ‘you will love receiving emails’… for once! As for me, it’s the only newsletter I open and read thoroughly every time – that’s a bold statement to hear!

Oh, and for those wondering what the heck “la minute papillon” means, I’m pretty sure it comes from “minute papillon !”, which is a French say meaning something like “stop a minute”. La Minute Papillon is therefore meant for you to take just a minute in your super duper busy life to read some tips and to do yourself some good.

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