We’re already a month and a half into 2017, at the beginning of which a lot of people took the oath to go the the gym 3 times a week, eat healthy every other day, get out of their comfort zone more often and achieve certain goals by some deadline. I’m sure the majority of these people actually did do the healthy eating and exercise for a few weeks, but I bet there’s only a few who are keeping on track. Am I right? Don’t be ashamed, that’s human, and we all tend to be quite lazy and fall back into our habits.

To be honest, if we only talk about the healthy eating and exercise, I never did that kind of resolutions, and at least I eat healthy and break a sweat every single day of the year. As a matter of fact, I absolutely love this healthy lifestyle as I can see and feel the results not only in my body and mind, but also in my motivation rates and in how many things I achieve in my life (no matter how little or meaningless to most people), and that’s probably why I still do it. There’s actually something I do every day that helps me begin the day on the right track: routine. I think that could help some of you be a bit more motivated to be healthy more often and more regularly on the long run, so that at the end of the year, you’ll actually say that you did well on this particular resolution, and be proud of you.

So what’s my magical routine? You’ll be disappointed to know there’s nothing fancy here, but it actually works – for me at least – as there’s not one day where I don’t follow it – except when I’m away and can’t actually exercise. You just have to find a succession of actions that will suit you, and that you’ll do every morning or evening. You’ll rapidly get used to it, and will really stick to it after a few weeks of working on it. So here’s my own morning routine which I love and keeps me motivated and grounded.

  1. Wake up! I always get out of bet early, between 6 and 8 depending on what day it is and how tired I am. I’m always more motivated and enthusiastic about the day ahead when I have all morning to do loads of stuff. Whereas if I wake up late, I’ll be groggy, with no energy, and feeling like the day has passed so quickly without achieving anything.
  2. Breakfast – My favorite meal of the day! I can’t even think of people skipping breakfast. That’s actually what gets me out of bed. I can’t wait for my warm turmeric, cinnamon and banana porridge, my huge cup of tea and sometimes I add a little something, such as dark melted chocolate on slices of gingerbread, or a homemade raw chocolate brownie. This hearty breakfast fills me up until lunchtime as well as it satisfies all my sweet cravings.
  3. Break a sweat – Personally, I can’t exercise as soon as I wake up because I need fuel. That’s why I always have a big breakfast before that. Then, I don’t even have to go out to an expensive gym and wear fancy sportswear as I exercise at home. All I need is a gym mat and some weights. I do a 30 to 45-minute session depending on how much time I’ve got. The movements I do are a mix of some I’ve been taught and some I took from YouTube videos. But whatever works for you will do really. Overall, once you invested in weights and a mat, it’ll be pretty much free to exercise every single day.
  4. Don’t forget to stretch – Stretching is paramount, especially when you just worked out. Just take a few minutes to do it. It’s so much easier than exercising and so relaxing, so why skip it?! 🙂
  5. Get ready – Then jump into the well-deserved shower, this will feel even nicer as you should be sweaty by this stage. Then get ready and get on with your day.

As a result, you’ll feel energized and empowered. Plus, you’ll have already achieved something: you’ll have fed your body with nutritious and delicious food, and worked out, so that you got it out of the way and can be proud of yourself. You’ll have a boost of adrenaline and piece of mind. I bet it will also have an impact on your overall motivation to do things and take the most of the day ahead of you. What better start of the day could you wish for?