This food haul is well overdue because this brings us back to the end of August. Therefore, some of the fruits & veggies I bought may not still be in season but hey, better late than  never as they say!

  • I couldn’t resist buying a huge load of kale: I don’t know why, it is (still) my current obsession! My favourite way to eat it is raw, cut in small pieces, and sprayed with a good amount of my lemon & tahini sauce. I like it that way because you can really feel the dark-leafy green vegetable strong taste, but at the same time the softness of the sauce balances it all out. Plus this is a winner as it only takes 5 minutes to throw together! In terms of nutrition, kale is what they call a “superfood” – i.e. food that contains a really high amount of nutrients for our bodies – as it provides us with a good amount of vitamin A, C & K, antioxydants, but also paramount minerals like calcium & potassium. You don’t want to miss it then!


  • A huge amount a parsley: it is one of my fave herb. But I don’t use it as a herb per-se, i.e. adding a few leaves on top of a dish. Instead, I use it as a proper vegetable, meaning that I would make it the star of the show. For example, I would chop it all up (even the stems, they are delicious!) in tiny pieces and make it the bulk of a tabbouleh-style salad, mixed with loads of spices (turmeric, cumin, zaatar), a lot of lemon juice & zest, sometimes with feta cheese or tomatoes. I also love adding einkorn but nowadays I tend to avoid that as I’m trying to eat gluten-free to help clear my skin. Nutrition-wise, parsley is a great source of iron and antioxydants.


  • Sweet potatoes: I’m personally not a huge fan of sweet potato when there are loads of it – I find it too heavy on the stomach – but I like it here and there, especially in curries, when it’s blended with lots of other things. When I bought them, I made Deliciously Ella’s Sweet Potato, Lentil & Coconut Curry which is so good! Even my boyfriend – who is a bit suspicious of my plant based meals sometimes haha – loved it and asked for more! I’ll make it again soon for sure, as we are both found of it, and as sweet potatoes are a good source of vitamin A & fibres and has a lower glycemic index that regular potatoes.


  • Artichoke is the answer to making dinner when I’m by myself and I’m really busy. As I’m working from home, I can easily cook it for 45 minutes in boiling water while I’m at my desk. I don’t have to do anything but wait – or work! Once it’s cooked, I love eating the leaves one by one and then the heart. It is so tasty! I especially love eating it with a mushroom salad (raw regular mushrooms chopped with olive oil, lemon, salt & pepper), I find they go really well together. I would usually eat soft-boiled eggs with them and a green salad. Yum!


  • Avocados are a staple in my pantry, either to eat by themselves with a little salt & pepper (so simple and so good), or mashed in a guacamole-style dip. So easy, tasty & healthy (yay for good fats!).


  • Mushrooms: here come the mushrooms I was just telling you about. As I said, I absolutely love the taste of raw mushrooms in a simple salad. Once chopped, I just add the dressing and maybe some herbs (I especially love thyme & oregano with it) and I eat them on their own, or with artichokes – heavenly combination!


  • Pepper is one of those versatile veggies that I love to add to literally anything: they are amazing in Greek salads or any kind of “throw-it-all-together” salad, in a homemade ratatouille or any kind of cooked meal (curries for instance). If you eat them raw, they add a crunchy texture to what you’re having, if you eat it cooked, the taste adds a nice taste to the dish.


  • And finally apricots, because they were still in season when I bought all this. This summer I didn’t feel buying peaches or nectarines. Instead I bought loads of apricots & figs which are both my faves. I love eating them by themselves either for dessert or for a quick snack when I’m feeling peckish.

I hope this food haul gave you some recipe inspiration to get cooking! 🙂