I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love watching YouTube videos about what people just got at the grocery store. Is it weird? Am I the only one? I find it so interesting how people grocery shop, what they buy, for how much and what they make with it. As I enjoy grocery shopping (I know, something weird again) and cooking from scratch, I though why not do  my own food haul my way on the blog then?

First, you might wonder: where do I shop? It now has been 5 years since I abandoned standard supermarkets and only go to health/organic food shops. Just because I need to know that I can’t go wrong and that everything I have on hand is organic and trustworthy. That’s why I love Biocoop, which is an activist shop (and brand) that believes in organic, local and seasonal food. There’s plenty here in Paris and in the country. I also love Bio C’ Bon, which does basically the same. The main differences in my opinion are that Bio C’ Bon offers some non-seasonal food imported from other countries, but in the other hand it’s a bit cheaper. To those who might think these organic food shops are quite expensive, let me say that :

1) health is my number 1 priority, and I am more than willing to allocate a bigger part of my budget to it,

2) you can easily do your grocery shopping without breaking the bank (you can read my article on that specific subject),

and 3) I prefer giving my money to the healthy and organic food industry to support them instead of heavy industrials that don’t give a s*** about the health of humanity and the planet. And if you fancy a read on that, I suggest you go read this blogpost.

Now that I said all of this, let’s talk about what I bought. This time I only got fresh produce, which I buy twice a week because I don’t like veggies rutting in my fridge. But bear in mind my cupboards are full of dry essentials like cereals, seeds, legumes, plant-based milks, oils, etc.

Now, let’s through what I bought and what for :

  • Apples and kiwis are for dessert: I always have a piece of fruit for dessert to satisfy my sweet cravings, and just because it’s pure deliciousness! I know I should eat it before my meal (apparently, it’s better for your digestion), but I’m not quite there yet!
  • Bananas are for breakfast: these days, I always have half a banana or a whole one in my turmeric and cinnamon porridge. It adds a sweet and comforting taste which I am totally addicted to!
  • Onions are for everyday savory meals. It’s a reflex: when I cook something, I always begin by frying an onion to enrich the taste of whatever I’m making. This week, I had also planned to make Lebanese tabbouleh, and raw onions are part of the recipe.
  • Talking about tabbouleh, that’s what the bunch of parsley is for. I love my tabbouleh really parsley-y, plus it’s delicious and full of iron.
  • Sweet potatoes are for making wedges. I usually cut and coat them with olive oil, fresh and dried herbs like thyme and rosemary, salt and pepper, and let them roast in the oven for half and hour, more or less. It is so delicious and filling! This time I bought two big ones, because I wanted to make Deliciously Ella’s new and improved sweet potato brownies with the second one (trust me, you should try it!!)
  • Lamb’s lettuce is a real treat: this winter salad is goddam expensive but my boyfriend and I absolutely love the taste of it! It usually comes as a side for whatever dish we”re having.
  • And finally, spinach! It’s so versatile: you can put it in curries or serve it as a salad with a nice dressing. I usually use it to make whole salads with roasted chickpeas, seeds and raw veggies.

Hope you found it somehow interesting. I’m thinking of turning this into a mini series on my blog, or even begin to do weekly meal plans with a shopping list. Let me know if you would be interesting in this!