Illustration credit: @moussakalin

That is what I’d been struggling to understand for years. And then one day I saw the light. That was it: eating less was not a good solution to make my body look a certain way – being skinny – because it was unhealthy.

Sometimes we need to remember that humans and all living things on Earth eat for a reason: to nourish their bodies. The whole point of eating is indeed to provide ourselves with the necessities we need to survive. However, we currently feed ourselves with not so many things our bodies need and worse, they can’t metabolism what we feed them, aka mostly highly-modified foods and saturated fats. Therefore our bodies don’t have a choice: they stock everything. Fats are transformed into adipocytes (i.e. fat cells), toxins and chemicals are stores everywhere (in adipocytes, the liver, even the brain), and as we become bigger and bigger everyday, our bodies keep starving!

In my case, until I realized that, I struggled keeping lean because everything I was eating was making me put on weight. Every single thing. As I became very self-conscious about it, I began to eat smaller portions to an excessive extent. At this point, sure I was not fat at all, I was even too skinny. However I was starving both more food and nutrients! Today I consider that behaviour anything but healthy. It was merely an eating disorder.

However, as I became more and more interested in nutrition, I had this epiphany and began to eat differently. I discovered a variety of fruits and veggies I didn’t used to cook before, I fell in awe with health food shops and organic produce, I started to use superfoods and most importantly to being aware of what everything was bringing me in terms of nutrients. Also, I began to eat normal proportions, you could even say I ate LOADS. And the goos news is that I put on weight, but not too much because what I ate was used by my body for daily metabolism and wasn’t stocked, plus I got my energy back!

That’s why I strongly believe that whoever you are and whatever your history is, it’s not about how much you eat, but about what you eat. So don’t deprive yourself and start eating and enjoying healthy, nutritious and delicious food! 🙂