January and Spring/Summer are the two moments of the year when detox is THE thing. Every magazine tells you about it and we often feel guilty when we don’t do one ourselves. We hear about juice detox, tea detox, or about eating one single food for a few days of weeks… there are countless ways of doing it but before jumping into it, we must know what detox means.

Detoxifying your body means helping it get rid of what gets clogged in it, mainly toxins, unhealthy fat and waste. To do so, we have to eat and drink specific things to help our 5 emunctory organs excrete unwanted substances:

  • the kidneys, which filter blood (125mL/min!) in order to excrete waste, toxins and hormones in urine,
  • the liver, which filters nutrient-rich blood that comes from the digestive tract, before sending it to systemic circulation,
  • the lungs, which are involved in gas exchange between blood and air, getting rid of acidic CO2 and getting oxygen,
  • the skin, which excretes waste via sweat glands
  • the digestive tract and organs that uptake what our bodies need from food, and excrete what we don’t need.

Of course our emunctory organs excrete waste every single day without us knowing or even helping them. In fact we overload them with our lifestyle: pollution, crappy foods, poor sleep, stress and all those modern demons that we all have to cope with. That’s when detox comes into play, by taking care of ourselves and therefore helping those organs perform their daily tasks.

Now that we know what detox is and why it is paramount, you’ll be shocked to now┬áI never do detox. In fact I never did. Why is that? Well, I don’t feel the need to because I eat healthy, fresh, seasonally and organic every day, I feel great in my own body, I also try to exercise everyday, have plenty of sleep (at least I’m trying) and surround myself with positive people and thoughts. My opinion is that a healthy lifestyle that works for you is already an everyday slow detox lifestyle.

So I’m a huge advocate of detox when it’s needed. If you feel amazing and already are a healthy person in your eating/lifestyle habits, don’t bother! But if you feel fatigued, not so well in your own body, by all means YES, do a detox. But instead of doing one-shot detoxes and then get back to your poor lifestyle, why not taking this opportunity to slowly try and change your daily habits so that one day you won’t need to do detoxes that often? In other words and in my point of view, detox is not about following a trend, but about embracing it as a lifestyle or a habit by learning how to respect and love our bodies.