Esprit Beauté 2

If you find yourself in France, grab the latest issue of Esprit Beauté, where you’ll find a few of my nutrition tips to enhance your natural beauty 🙂

From page 43, you will be able to discover 5 recipes with concise explanations about the health (and beauty!) impacts of the ingredients we chose:

  • a savoury granola with biotin (vitamin B7), selenium and plant proteins that will give life back to you hair,
  • a fibre-rich lunchbox for when you’re feeling tired – the fibre will make you digest slowly, which won’t make you drowsy in the middle of the afternoon,
  • a pasta sauce with plenty of essential fatty acids and zinc, to make your skin soft,
  • a smoothie full of vitamins A & C to get glowy skin,
  • and a porridge recipe to get all the B vitamins you need to synthesise energy in your body – perfect for a hangover day 😉

I hope you’re hungry now!

If you would like to get personalized pieces of advice to help you switch to a healthier diet that suits you, and are interested in 1:1 coaching sessions, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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